Ionic - Footer

Ionic - Footer : Ionic footer is placed at the bottom of the app screen. Working with footers is almost the same as working with headers.

Adding Footer

The main class for Ionic footers is bar (the same as header). When you want to add footer to your screens, you need to add bar-footer class to your element after the main bar class. You can add footer on every screen in the app, we will add it to the body of the index.html file. We will also add title for our footer.
<div class = "bar bar-footer">
   <h1 class = "title">Footer</h1>

Footer Colors

Yes you can add style of footer When you style your elements, you need to add your main element class as a prefix to your color class.
<div class = "bar bar-footer bar-assertive">
   <h1 class = "title">Footer</h1>
The above code will produce the following screen there are following nine classes to give a color of your choice to your app footer.
Color Class Description Result
bar-light To be used for white color  
bar-stable To be used for light grey color  
bar-positive To be used for blue color  
bar-calm To be used for light blue color  
bar-balanced To be used for green color  
bar-energized To be used for yellow color  
bar-assertive To be used for red color  
bar-royal To be used for violet color  
bar-dark To be used for black color  

Footer Elements

The first button added will always be in the left corner. The last one will be placed on the right. The buttons in between will be grouped next to the first one on the left side of your footer. In following example, you can also notice that we use the icon class to add icons on top of the buttons.
<div class = "bar bar-footer bar-assertive">
   <button class = "button icon ion-navicon"></button>
   <button class = "button icon ion-home"></button>
   <button class = "button icon ion-star"></button>
   <button class = "button icon ion-checkmark-round"></button>
the above code will produce the following screen
<div class = "bar bar-footer bar-assertive">
   <button class = "button icon ion-navicon pull-right"></button>