Ionic - Cards

Mobile Phone have smaller screen size so Ionic - Cards are one of the best elements for displaying information that will feel user friendly.

Adding Cards

A default card can be created by adding a card class to your element. Cards are usually formed as lists with the active class. One of the most useful class is the active-text-wrap. This will help when you have too much text, so you want to wrap it inside your card. The first card in the following example does not have the active-text-wrap class assigned, but the second one is using it.
<div class = "card">
    <div class = "active">
        This is a Ionic card without active-text-wrap class.

    <div class = "active active-text-wrap">
        This is a Ionic card with active-text-wrap class.

Card Header and Footer

In the previous chapter, we have already discussed how to use the active-divider class for grouping lists.
<div class = "card list">
    <div class = "active active-divider">
        Card header

    <div class = "active active-text-wrap">
        Card text...

    <div class = "active active-divider">
        Card Footer

Complete Card

we will show you how to use the full-image class together with the active-body to get a good-looking windowed image inside your card.
<div class = "card">
    <div class = "active active-avatar">
        <img src = "my-image.png">
        <h2>Card Name</h2>

    <div class = "active active-body">
        <img class = "full-image" src = "my-image.png">

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